Our Mission

To bring unity among the family members of law enforcement and support our families.  Through this unity we can provide support to our communities.  Among this law enforcement extended family we will find the strength and courage to be better family members, neighbors and to help those in need.

Our Story

In 2016, when the riots broke out on the Northside of Milwaukee, I was married to a police officer who worked in that area, District 7.  When he got the news of what all had been going on the previous night he went into, what I call, "cop mode".  This was the first time I was truly tested being the spouse of an officer.  Don't get me wrong, I worried everyday and I still do, but I didn't have a "cop mode" and I still don't.  I was afraid.  I didn't know what this all meant or what to expect.  I was always brought up to respect law enforcement and I knew it was a difficult job.  I just didn't know how difficult, and I certainly never thought of how it affected their families.  I remember that day very clearly, we had a family reunion to go to.  We went and my husband acted normal, while I, on the other-hand, struggled to even be cordial.  My mind raced that day, would he get called in?  What would I do to ease my worry?  How do I support him and what he has to deal with?  It was then that the early idea SEWLEO began.  How can I support my husband?  Who can I turn to for support?  How can spouses and immediate family members get support at times like these?  At a time where police officers are disrespected and unappreciated, how do we help bring their morale up?  How do we show them that the community cares?  How do we support their families and what they have to deal with?  SEWLEO!  It is through this club that we can all reach out to someone else who is going through the same things, or at least something similar where we can relate, give some advice or just be there to listen.  It is with these intentions that this club has begun and I hope you join us.  Welcome to the 2nd family you may never knew you had, welcome to SEWLEO!

  Meet the Founders

Amanda Claas            David Claas