Regular Meetings

SEWLEO offers monthly meetings across SouthEastern Wisconsin.  Everyone comes to the meetings together.  Depending upon what's being discussed we may be broken into groups.  After the meeting there will be refreshments and time for officers and family members to get to know each other.

Holiday Meals

Officers will never miss another holiday!  SEWLEO will work with local restaurants to make sure that officers who work on major holidays will have a holiday meal.  Whether it be at the district/station or a place they can stop in to eat, they'll be with their family in blue or among friends of law enforcement.  They will not be alone or forgotten.

Recognition of Officers and Their Families

Police Officers and the work they do often goes unnoticed, so it's no surprise that the support given by their families goes unnoticed too.  It is part of SEWLEO's mission to recognize officers and their families who have gone above and beyond.  Whether it be just a pizza night for the officer and his family or a trip to Disneyland, SEWLEO recognizes that this work cannot happen without the officer or his support group, his family.

Annual Events

Let's celebrate you!  SEWLEO hosts 2 annual events: 

15+  Celebrating officers who have served their communities for 15 or more years without taking a promotion

The Officer’s Ball - An all inclusive elegant event that celebrates every officer